Thank you for visiting my website.  Whether I gave you a Get Me Thru Share Card, met you somewhere, a friend suggested you look around or you found me through a search- I am grateful that you did...


On a personal note, it is important to me that you know "The Get Me Thru Collection" and  my book, "The Voice of My Boundaries" represent my inspired perspective of life.  I share this because it was never my desire to write and certainly never my desire to share such deep personal thoughts with the world.  Nevertheless "The Get Me Thru Collection" is here.


My writing is best described by me as a birthing experience ~ a delivery that was purposed with thought provoking seed.


It is my hope that you find good seed through this deliverance.  To that end, please take a few minutes after reading "The Voice of My Boundaries and share your experience with me.


Venita and The Get Me Thru Collection


Venita delivers an inspired perspective that gives clarity to the simplicity and power of spirituality in one's pursuit of happiness and success.  She skillfully introduces thought provoking "Wisdom Episodes" through a vicarious journey. Her journey slowly transforms from page to page.  Essentially, her "Wisdom Episodes" reveal the essence of purpose and life.


Venita's inspired perspective of challenges and victories will make it easier to look back and accept your own purposed wisdom. Her book is certain to help you see your success through the voice of your own boundaries.


You will soon discover her re-defined words that give clarity to her perspective.  For example, she define boundaries as, "Standards of life set by your spiritual DNA."  Get ready to find invaluable seed in Venita's inspired "Nuggets of Wisdom like the one below throughout her book.


"We must be careful of the memories we create, for the day is sure to come when one of us will be left with them."GMT#1701


Each "Nugget of Wisdom" was borne of a life changing "Wisdom Episode"  A very compelling Wisdom Episode is revealed in Chapter 5 - "An Exercise of Spiritual Boundaries".  This heartfelt episode is about forgiveness and purposed spiritual self-awareness .  Forgiveness never looked like this before...



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