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Essentially, this is where you get to know me.  First, as I shared before, writing was never a part of my dreams.  Such an acknowledgment is perhaps more revealing about me than you know…


I was born in a small coal-mining town called Docena (pronounced Doe-Cena) in Jefferson County, Alabama.  I was not born in a hospital, but in the house I called home on 3rd street.  I was actually born in the room that I later called my own.


I am an AVP at a 4-year university, speaker, author, grandmother, Sunday School teacher, entrepreneur and an advocate of inspiration.  Same as you, I have only twenty-four hours to afford them all.  The Voice of My Boundaries and The Get Me Thru Collection helped me to see that more clearly and now I am able to enjoy the diversity more.  Being an advocate of inspiration is by far my most powerful contribution to society.


My audiences soon find that my writing and speaking are one, simply put, I write with conversation in mind.  I fully expect you to talk back to the pages with words and phrases like, “Really Venita” and “You must be crazy” and most assuredly, “What?”


I did an on-line search on my old hometown Docena and found that there were approximately 630 people living there a few years ago. It was definitely small town Mayberry, as I knew everyone and they knew me as DeeDee Clisby.  Docena is actually on the map now, but you will still need to stop for directions.  I owe a lot to Docena because its foundation yet helps to keep me balanced.  When you read my Miss Annie Wisdom Episode in Chapter 10 you will know exactly what I mean.


You should by now that I am from the Great State of Alabama. Alabama prepared me educationally with the exception of my Master of Science degree, which I earned from The University of Tennessee. I currently live in Harvest, Alabama, a county area near what is better known as Huntsville-The Space & Rocket City.


I began my professional career with Ford Motor Company which is where I learned to never assume anything! I now call such experiences, Wisdom Episodes.


My life however after Ford began to take several unexpected turns, none for which I felt adequately prepared to address. There were three specific experiences that afforded me a perspective view of my journey. Because of the experiences, I now honor the voice that directs the whole of my life.


The first experience was watching my MaDear's long suffering from the grave effects of multiple myloma cancer. She died on February 28,1981.  I have thoughts and pauses about my MaDear every day.  They are not sad, rather thoughts that keep me moving.  You will understand better when you read more about her influence on me,


My MaDear, Mrs. Carrie Bell Clisby

She was my rock when I didn't know I needed one and now one upon which I depend...


The second experience was the tragic death of my husband, Captain Robert King in 1985. He and 247 other young soldiers died tragedy in the name of peace.


The third experience was a life threatening illness in 1992 that left me with a new found respect for life, time, relationships and opportunities.



All three events forced me to address change in a profound way and each one required that I rethink my calling and purpose in life. Reading Chapter 8, “Challenging Change” and the section titled “The Pressure Cooker Effect” will change your life… if you listen.


Well, The Get Me Thru Collection® and The Voice of My Boundaries are two of the most rewarding gifts from my journey. I learned how to 'ignite the power of inspiration' through them. My purpose in life is now clear because of them – all thanks to the voice that gave them to me...


Finally, let me say, my dearest accomplishments include being the mother of my son Sterling, being Grand Ma Dee to Amari, being an adult Sunday School Teacher and being a friend to a few very special people.


My prayer is that you take the opportunity to gain from the voice of my boundaries...


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