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About Me
Essentially, this is where you get to know me. First, writing was never a part of my dreams. Such an acknowledgement is perhaps more revealing about me than you can know...

I was born in a small coal mining town called Docena in Jefferson County, Alabama. I was not born in a hospital, but in the house I called home on 3rd Street. I was born in the bedroom that I later called my own.

I checked and there were approximately 638 people living there a few years ago. There were probably not that many more when I lived there. I knew everyone and they knew me. Docena is on the map now, but you will still need to stop for directions. I owe a lot to Docena because it yet helps to keep me strong!

Alabama prepared me educationally with the exception of my Master of Science degree from The University of Tennessee. I currently live in Harvest, Alabama, a county area near what is better known as Huntsville-The Rocket City. I began my professional career with Ford Motor Company which is where I learned to never assume anything! I now call such experiences, Wisdom Episodes.

My life however; after Ford began to take several unexpected turns, none for which I felt adequately prepared to address. There were three specific experiences that afforded me inspired perspective into the foundation of my eventual journey. Because of the experiences, I now honor the voice that directs the whole of life.

The fiMaDearrst experience was watching my MaDear suffer through the terminal effects of multiple myloma cancer. The faith and strength she exhibited rivals any I have witnessed in my life. She died on February 28,1981. Few days since have passed when I have not thought of her and all that she imparted to me.

The second experience was the tragic death of my husband, Captain Robert King in 1985. He and 247 other young soldiers died in the name of peace.

The third experience was a life threatening illness in 1992 that left me with a new found respect for life and all its opportunities!

All three events forced me to address change in a profound way. Each one required that I rethink my calling and purpose in life.

My new course in life included writing The Get Me Thru Collection® and The Voice of My Boundaries. The two publications have become a part of the most rewarding gift from my journey. I learned how to 'ignite the power of inspiration' through them. My purpose in life is now clear because of them, thanks to the voice that gave them to me.

Finally, let me say, my dearest accomplishments include being the mother of Sterling, my only child, being an adult Sunday School Teacher, my grandson Amari and being a friend to a few very special people.

My prayer is that you too gain from the voice of my boundaries and through it bless countless others...

enita Standing
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