The Get Me Thru Collection

The collection includes The Voice of My Boundaries, Get Me Thru Share Cards and Get Me Thru Note Cards and a bonus CD of Chapter 5 about forgiveness read by the author.


The Get Me Thru Collection is a body of inspired books and cards written to share a perspective of being successful in life. You will pause and re-consider how you address life, failures, pain, health and success.


"I absolutely loved it! It stopped me in my tracks. Venita's voice is so soothing. I have listened to it over and over..."

Georgia Valrie- Huntsville, AL


"Venita's CD is to the point. She has hit upon something. It is not a Black or White issue,as I am White, but it relates to everyone. It made me aware of things that I should be doing differently. The CD seems to reveal more that I read in the book. However, my wife read the entire book and listened to the CD and says differently. She enjoyed and gained from them both! I was taken aback by the facts. Venita's honesty shows that she is leading by example. She is wonderful to listen to and she has a great story telling voice. Her way of telling a story is an art form and her voice is compelling...

Ira Richardson - Dallas Texas


"The CD brought back conversations with my Grandmother about forgiveness. I learned the true understanding of forgiveness. I want all the other chapters on CD. It was very inspirational!Listening to Venita makes the day that much easier and better..." Marlene Burnett - Silver Springs, MD



The Voice of My Boundaries  is an inspired book that gives clarity to spirituality and how to move beyond just surviving.  Venita introduces her signature Wisdom Episodes and masterfully helps each reader uncover their own. The Wisdom Episodes coupled with her inspired nuggets are life changing.


Venita defines 'Spiritual DNA' and presents inspired definitions to other words that will give the Voice of your boundaries the power it deserves.


This book will ignite the power of inspiration while coaching you into how to expand your boundaries. The Voice of My Boundaries is also a 'workbook' that you will want to keep



It is a paperback with 224 pages and 12 Chapters.  You will pause a lot and think a lot as you navigate you way through Venita's boundaries until you see your own.  Rest assured, if you are looking for your purpose in life, you will soon discover the path to it in The Voice of My Boundaries.  CLICK HERE and order your copy today!































The Get Me Thru Share Cards packaged in a custom velvet pouch.


This collection includes 12 inspired Nuggets of Inspiration on 3.5 x 2.5 full color cards.  There are 4 cards in each color coded category covering Encouragement, Stress and Challenges. Each card will make you pause and think...guaranteed.


The cards are meant to be shared, which is why most customers purchase 2 sets.  The back of each card can be personalized by the giver.


Venita's favorite:
"My worst and most frightening dream - is not having one."


Keep a few with you at all times, as you are certain to meet  someone who will be inspired by one of them too!    CLICK HERE and order your set today!


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The Voice of My Boundaries and The Get Me Thru Share Cards Combo include 1 copy of The Voice of My Boundaries in its custom pouch 1 set of the Share Cards.


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